Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums pipe section recorded a few tunes today

Because we have mental filters on what we see and hear, you never truly know how you sounded until you’ve listened to the recording of your performance. I used to be surprised at how different what I played on my bagpipes versus what I thought I played was. So that the pipe band as a whole can improve, The Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums went into a basement recording studio today. This is the first time it’s been used in its current configuration, so we were testing out mic placement etc as much as recording ourselves.

Below is five tunes we are working on. 3 of which you will see during the parades we are scheduled for this summer. The other 2 you will have to attend one of our events to hear live!

Unfortunately our drummers were unable to attend today so the recordings are only of the Pipe Section.

Steam Train to Mallaig

Auld Hoose; Rowan Tree

Mairi’s Wedding; Barren Rocks of Aden

Scotland the Brave

Skye Boat Song