Member Biographies

Here you can peruse our members biographies.

Current Members

  • Pipe Major Kevin Fraser
  • Pipe Sergeant Tye Minion
  • Drum Sergeant Kim Henry
  • Keeper of the beat Dan McEwing
  • Cam McPeak

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Former and Honorary Members

  • Bret Cousins (Pipes/Pipe Sergeant)
  • Craig Mackay (Pipes)
  • Daniel Anderson (Pipes)
  • Lorraine Bruan (Pipes)
  • Gord McFarlane (Pipes)
  • Randy Carnegie (Pipes)
  • Adena M (Bass)
  • Charlene Sigfried (Snare/Tenor)
  • Gordon Roberts (Bass/Snare)
  • Mike Moorman (Bass)
  • Michael Cuddihy (Snare/Drum Sergeant)
  • Derek Giffin (Snare)