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Q: What Tartan does the band wear.

A: Each band member wears their own kilt of choice. We intentionally are not wearing one common tartan.  We like how the mix of tartans look.

Q: What uniform(s) does the band wear.

A: For formal events, we wear a white dress shirt with black tie (or tie that matches your kilt), black 5 button vest, kilt, kilt belt, sporran, black hose and flashes, and black shoes.

A: For informal events like parades, we wear a black embroidered golf shirt, kilt, kilt belt, sporran, black hose and flashes, and black shoes. If it is an outdoor event we will also wear a glengarry. For cooler weather we will add a black embroidered jacket. For rainy days we add an Inverness Cape.

Q: Does the band provide the uniform?

A: The band provides some of the uniform:

  • embroidered shirt
  • embroidered jacket
  • cap badge
  • sporran
  • hose

The member is responsible for providing the rest of their uniform.

Uniform parts can be acquired through the Fraser Highland Shoppe. They provide a generous discount to band members.  As well, between the members we have some spare items that can be borrowed.

Q: Does the band provide instruments?

A: At this time the band owns snares, tenor and bass drums, carriers (harness), mallets for the tenor and bass, and drum cases.  Snare drummers must supply their own sticks and practice pad.  Pipers must provide their own pipes.  The band provides pipers with reeds.

Q: Is there a cost to belong?

A: Yes, we have an annual fee of $10 to belong to the society, and the band has a dues as well (set each year, currently $180).  When you participate in the parades and fundraisers you receive credits towards the dues and any other expenses levied by the band (e.g. Burns night tickets).

We Pro-rate the annual band dues, by reducing the amount by 20% per quarter you didn’t belong (join in the band 3rd Quarter, save 40%).  We defer the dues owing date until the first parade/performance (so that credits from that event can be applied) that you are eligible to participate in.

We currently provide the drums and harnesses to the drummers rent free.

Q: What level does the band play at?

A: We have two bands within the band – a parade band and a performance band.  The parade band plays massed band tunes (or similar level) so anyone is welcome to join.  The performance band plays more challenging tunes (Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes) at roughly a grade 3 level so a more advanced player is certainly welcome.  We don’t have a formal qualification process; if you can play the tunes you are allowed to sit with the band.

Q: When are practices?

A: The full band practices Thursday evenings from 7-8*.

Drum section practices are Thursday evenings from 6-7.

Pipe Section practices are Thursday evenings from 8-9*.

We occasionally hold an extra practice the Friday evening before a parade or performance.

*Depending how the band practice went (and what we are practicing towards) the band practice might run long and the pipe section short.

Q: What time commitment is expected?

A: Ideally our members attend all practices and performances, though we recognize that isn’t possible.  We have roughly 40 Band events (practices/parades/performances) a year.

We ask everyone to have a personal commitment of attending 3 of every 4 practices and as many parades/performances as they can attend.