2020 Robbie Burns Tune Selection meeting notes

Select tune list to perform at Burns 2020

Similar to last year, we want to have the parade sets + aires in the first half, and the more complex tunes in the second. This will allow new players like Grace an opportunity to perform.

===First half===
*[[Mairi’s Wedding]] / [[Barren Rocks of Aden]]
*[[Auld Hoose]] / [[Rowan Tree]]
*[[The Scottish Soldier|Green Hills of Tyrol]]
*[[Highland Cathedral]]
*[[Scotland the Brave]]/[[Black Bear]]
*[[Flower of Scotland]]
*[[Skye Boat Song]]
*[[Amazing Grace]]
*[[The Brown Haired Maiden]]/[[High Road to Gairloch]]/[[Highland Laddie]]

===Second Half===
*[[Birkhall Hornpipe]]/[[Longeveul]]/[[Steamtrain to Mallaig]]
*[[Clumsy Lover]]
*[[Paddy’s Leather Breeches]]/[[Glasgow City Police Pipers]]/[[Banjo Breakdown]]
*Strathspey Set
**Caledinain Society of London
**Devil in the Kitchen
**Braes of Mar
**Keel Row
**Loudon’s Bonnie Woods and Braes
**Orange and Blue
*Reel Set
**Lexy McKascal
**Ale is Dear
**High Road to Linton
**Jock Wilsons Ball
**the Kilt is my delight
**Mason’s Apron
*[[Uphold the Right]]
*[[The Children]]
**We Will Rock You
**Radio Gaga

Now recruiting for a Guard

Do you have a kilt and want to march in a parade but don’t yet play the Bagpipes or Drums?  The Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums has an opportunity for you!

We are recruiting to add a Guard component to the band.  The Guard will march with the band, and will from time to time carry the ASPD/AGS flags and banners.

We will be looking to fill the following positions:

  • Guard Commander
  • Color Ensign
  • Color Officers
  • Guards

You will be trained in the drill, dress and deportment required to be a part of the guard.

Email the Pipe Major for details or phone 587-600-0022.

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Two weeks from now will be our 3rd annual Robbie Burns’ Valentines event. You will see and hear Highland Dancers, Bagpipe playing solo-ists, and the Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums (pipeband).

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Feedback from our after event surveys last year:
--Loved the Dancers.  
--Glad I came!  Will definitely be back next year.

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