2022 Robbie Burns Kitchen Party

Robbie Burns Kitchen Party Things to Know

I hope you are excited about this year’s Robbie Burns as I am. All of the performers have been practicing their hearts out, and we are ready to go!  We will be holding the event in the Maritime Pub and Eatery on Jan 29th 2022.

This is a relaxed semi-formal event. Most of the performers will be in kilts. If you have one, we invite you to wear yours as well. If you don’t, we ask that you dress in business casual, or better.

The performers will start at about 6pm.   We will have some solo-ists, some poetry, and the Dance For Life dancers as well as The Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums.

About 6:30pm we will be piping in the Haggis. It will then be properly addressed.

Dinner this year is being done differently.  As we are hosting in a pub, you are free to order off of the menu.  Or you can purchase tickets to their Roast Beef or Haggis dinner specials.  The door entry fee does NOT include the cost of your dinner!

After dinner, we will have traditional Burns dinner activities – the toast to the Lassies, the reply, etc. After this, we will resume with performances.

At 8pm, the pub’s live entertainment (Low Tide) will start their evening sets.

There will be a silent auction held. We will be able to take cash, cheques, credit and debit.

The Fraser Highland Shoppe will also be on site.  They are donating all net proceeds from sales this weekend to the band!

This is a cash bar.

Our event typically lasts 4 hours.

The pub will be handling the ticket sales on your behalf through their Eventbrite event.   We will update this page with the link once we have it!

The event is open seating.

We are looking forward to seeing you there, and I hope you will have as much fun as I will!

p.s. We’ve created a mailing list so that you can keep up to date about this event.  Subscribe here.

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We held our AGM tonight.

Meeting minutes will be posted over the next week or so.

We made the difficult decision tonight to postpone our Robbie Burns dinner and performance until March.  This is to allow us to see how Covid continues to play out, as well as give us some additional time to prepare for the evening.  That said, we are intending to partner with a local pub to have a “pub night” (maybe afternoon) the weekend after the Bard’s birthday.

We also confirmed that we will continue to practice Sunday afternoons.  New members are always welcome.

A Performance in the Park July 2nd

With the easing of restrictions, the band wants to get out into the community.  We intend to hold a practice on July 2nd in Nose Creek Park starting around 7 P.M. for those that wish to come listen, and meet the members.

This practice will depend on the weather.  The forecast right now is for in the 30’s so we will be playing by ear whether it is too hot or not to hold the practice.

Time is running out

If you have already attended one of our Robbie Burns events, we hope you remember it as fondly as we do! This year we are holding our event on the 8th of February.

Our regular priced tickets for the evening is $65 and there is a discount for groups of 5 or more! Because we need to firm up our numbers for the caterer, we need to know that you will be attending sooner than later. Therefore tickets are on sale ONLY until the 2nd of February.

We are once again fortunate to have the Highland Dancers return to perform (weren’t they adorable?). Of course the Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums will also be performing a new repertoire. But as a bonus, we will also be having solo-ists, and Canadian Step Dancers performing.

We will be holding our traditional Roast Beef dinner buffet. And of course there will be Haggis!

You may purchase your tickets by the following methods:

  • online shopping cart at https://airdriescots.ca/product/burns-2020-tickets-feb-8th/?yith=32.
  • speak with a band member about purchasing tickets via cash or cheque.
  • phone our treasurer(+1-587-600-0022)
  • email our treasurer at treasurer@airdriescots.ca specifying how many tickets
    • Phone and email orders can be paid for through Credit Card, Debit or e-transfer (treasurer@airdriescots.ca).

Note we have to have the money in hand before we count the tickets for the caterer (End of Day Feb 2nd).

I sincerely hope you will join us on the 20th to help support the band, and to celebrate Robbie Burns!


Cam McPeak
Airdrie Gaelic Society

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Specific instructions for ordering online:

  1. Go to https://airdriescots.ca/product/burns-2020-tickets-feb-8th/?yith=32
  2. adjusting the number you need
  3. Take note of any coupons listed in the product description that apply
  4. hit add to cart.
  5. Click on the SHOP menu button and choose checkout.
  6. On the checkout, fill in your details. Ensure a valid email and phone number are there in case we need to contact you!
  7. Add any coupon codes that apply.
  8. Choose to pay by credit card (Paypal) or check (cash, cheque, e-transfer or Credit Card through Square-up).
  9. Click “Place Order”.
  10. Use Paypal’s site to pay, or send us an email (treasurer@airdriescots.ca) or phone (+1-587-600-0022) to arrange payment.

If you are a fan of our Facebook page or Youtube channel, you will have seen videos we took at previous year’s events. I am certain you will agree that the entertainment is great and not to be missed!

See you there!

Happy Birthday Robbie Burns!

Tomorrow (Jan 25th) is the birth day of Scotland’s National Poet Robbie Burns.  In celebration of this cultural icon, groups around the world will be holding ceremonies.

The Airdrie Gaelic Society is no different.  This year, our Robbie Burns event is on Feb 8th, and tickets can be purchased on our website.

We will be having a traditional meal of Beef, Neeps and Tatties.  The Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums will perform, as will some Highland Dancers and Canadian Step Dancers.  In addition we will have the Address to the Haggis, some poetry readings, and some of our musicians will perform solo and duet numbers.

We hope you will join us!


2019 Robbie Burns Dinner and Performance before supper Recordings

Here is an unedited copy (except automatic Gain) of our performance before supper.

Lord Lovat’s Lament:

Mist Covered Mountains:

Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol) / When the Battle’s Over:

The Haunting / Paddy’s Leather Breeches / Glasgow City Police Pipers / Banjo Breakdown:

Skye Boat Song:

Brown Haired Maiden / High Road to Gairloch / Highland Laddie:

Amazing Grace:

Flower of Scotland:

#ASPDBurns #airdrie #airdrieevents #robbieburns #AirdrieScotsPipesDrums

2A CB Lavenders Blue / Magnificent Seven / Best of Willie Nelson

Here is an unedited copy of the 2A Community Band performance last night of:

Lavenders Blue

Magnificent Seven

Best of Willie Nelson

#ASPDBurns #airdrie #airdrieevents #robbieburns #AirdrieScotsPipesDrums

ASPD Birkhall Hornpipe / Longueval / Steam Train to Mallaig

Here is an unedited copy (except automatic Gain) of our performance last night of Birkhall Hornpipe / Longueval / Steam Train to Mallaig.

#ASPDBurns #airdrie #airdrieevents #robbieburns #AirdrieScotsPipesDrums