Airdrie Gaelic Society By-Laws

Society BY-LAWS

The Society shall enact by-laws governing the conduct of Society activities.

Amendment Of These By-Laws

These by-laws may be amended by a quorum vote. These by-laws shall be construed in accordance with the constitution and, in any conflict, the constitution shall rule.


Operations of the Airdrie Gaelic Society shall be conducted by The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides strategic support to the Band and other sub groups. The Band Appointments (and other sub groups) provide tactical (day to day) operational control of their respective sub groups.

A Member of the Society may fulfill one or more positions in each of these bodies.

Due to the time and effort required to fill these management positions, an honorarium may be paid as specified in the by-laws.

A Director may be removed from that position upon a quorum of the Society membership voting such at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

Board of Directors

The purpose of the board of directors is to provide Strategic direction and support to sub groups.

The Board of Directors shall be nominated and elected from the general membership of the Society. The election shall occur at the Annual General Meeting. Special General Meetings may be called from time to time to fill a directorship that becomes vacant if it is more than 90 days until the next AGM.

A Director may also fulfill positions within the sub-group appointments.

A Director may not fulfill multiple positions within the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors must have a minimum of 3 Directors who are at Arms Length as defined by the Income Tax Act.


The President will be responsible for:

  1. appointing committees,
  2. overseeing all Society activities,
  3. presiding over all meetings.
    1. preserve order
    2. put forward all questions, and announce all results.
  4. oversee all votes. Cast the deciding vote on ties.
  5. be a member of all committees.
  6. create and conduct an agenda for all meetings,
  7. enforce or waive formalities of such an agenda.
  8. recommend that the Society take disciplinary action on any member who, in the opinion of any member of the Society, is considered to have acted contrary to the provisions of these By Laws or has displayed negligence in the performance of duties or expectations.
  9. Discharging the duties of the Vice President if such a position isn’t filled
Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for

  1. overseeing the operational support of the sub-groups, including but not limited to Transportation, Facilities and Communications.
  2. ensuring the Society has adequate insurance for its equipment/assets.
  3. ensure the Society and its members are adequately insured for functions and performances.
  4. discharge the duties of the President when the President is not available.
  1. The transportation directorate shall ensure all members may attend performances.  This will usually involve car-pool arrangements.
  1. ensure that each sub-group has suitable facilities for their meetings
  2. ensure an appropriate facility is secured for the Quartermaster and the equipment owned by the Society

This role may be filled by the QM

  1. Ensure the Social Media sites are monitored.
  2. Ensure news, schedules and other updates are posted to the website and Social Media sites.
  3. Act as a point of contact for external organizations and other 3rd parties.
  1. The equipment manager will maintain an up to date record of all equipment and uniforms owned by the Society.
  2. The QM shall ensure any equipment that hasn’t been issued out is properly stored.
  3. The QM will be responsible for issuing the equipment to members,
  4. ensuring that the equipment held by members is in good repair,
  5. collect the equipment back at the leaving of any member.

The QM may also look after Facilities


The Treasurer will be responsible for

  1. keeping record of all Society financial activities;
  2. calculate and distribute any reports required.
  3. maintain records accounting for the Society financial operation and its assets.
    1. maintain a file of receipts and invoices
    2. maintain a file of cancelled cheques.
  4. all cash transactions;
  5. the collection of dues and fines;
  6. the payment of bills;
  7. deposit the funds of the Society into the Society’s bank account.
  8. notifying the Secretary of members who are in default of dues or subject to fines.
  9. ensuring a yearly audit is conducted prior to the AGM.
  10. prepare the financial statements for the annual regulatory filings, and the AGM.
  11. allowing an inspection of the books by any member of the Society upon request.

The Secretary will be responsible for

  1. keeping a record of Society activities
  2. issuing a report (minutes) of all meetings.
  3. all correspondence pertaining to the Society, including the distribution of reports from meetings, Officers and committees.
  4. maintain a membership list
  5. create an attendance list for each Society event.
    1. Each sub group shall submit their attendance for each event/practice to the Secretary
  6. maintain a contact list for/of the members.
  7. issue a notice to any member regarding any fines or disciplinary action, and include the reason and authority for the action.
Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Officer shall be the primary point of contact for Media (news and print) resources. The PAO shall be responsible for overseeing the band’s Social Media presence.

This role is part of the Communications directorate.

Social and Entertainment

The Entertainment Committee shall be responsible for the morale of the Society. They will oversee the planning, scheduling and execution of social events for members, their friends and family.

Non Partisan and Secular Operations

The Society shall be a secular organization.

The Society shall not endorse a political candidate or representative. However, this does not preclude the Band or other sub groups from performing for hire at a political event.


No member of the Society outside of the Executive may make a binding commitment with a third party for the Society.

Only the sub group leader may make a binding commitment with a third party for that sub group.

Committee Meetings

The Executive may appoint a committee to support any sub group activities. These committees shall meet as required and shall report to the Society Executive.

Annual General Meeting

The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting in September or early October.

At the AGM,

  1. The minutes from the previous AGM shall be reviewed and approved.
  2. the Treasurer shall present the financial statement.
  3. The Secretary shall present a report summarizing business the Society conducted since the last AGM.
  4. The President shall conduct any business as required.
  5. The election of Directors shall occur.
    1. Nomination to a Director position requires
      1. The electee’s agreement to accept the appointment
        1. the nominee is present at the meeting;
        2. or the nominee has previously indicated in writing a willingness to accept the appointment
    2. In the absence of multiple nominees, a single nominee may be acclaimed to the position.
    3. Directors may serve multiple back to back terms. Each term shall be 1 year.
  6. Present the budget and approve same.
    1. Approve annual membership fees.

The Secretary shall distribute an Agenda to all members at least 14 days in advance of the AGM.

The Secretary shall make available to the membership the minutes from the AGM within 14 days of the AGM.

If a quorum of the membership is not present for the AGM, it shall be rescheduled within 21 days and all members advised. At the rescheduled AGM those present shall be considered a quorum.

Special Meetings

The president of the Society may call special meetings as required. The Secretary shall than advise the membership of the Agenda at least 14 days in advance.


Members of the band will be encouraged to purchase much of their own equipment. However, any equipment belonging to the Band may be issued to a member of the Band for a short term not to exceed the duration specified in the By-Laws, with the approval of the sub group leader and the Quartermaster. Standard issue equipment will be specified in the by-laws.

Due to the nature of the band requiring that each member wear the same articles, the band will provide where possible the equipment listed in the Standard Issue List. Other items held within Society stores may be issued out for a period not exceeding one year at a time.

The Society shall not be responsible for loss or damage to a member’s personally owned equipment.

The Society shall issue certain uniform items to ALL members of the society once the member has paid their first year’s dues in full:

  1. Embroidered Jacket
  2. Embroidered Golf Shirt
  3. Cap Badge.

Rental of Equipment

Rates to rent equipment from the Society shall be set at the AGM.


The activities of the Society shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the Society shall be retained by the Society and used in further promoting of its objects.

Membership fees will be set out in the By-Laws and confirmed at the AGM. Methods of Payment and Due Dates shall also be set out in the By-Laws. All members of the Society will be expected to participate in Fund Raising for the Society.

The Directors of the Society shall prepare a budget to be presented to the membership at the AGMs. These are to set out expected expenditures, as well as sources of revenue. Any shortfalls will need to be addressed through fundraising. Fundraising schedules are to also be presented at the AGM.

The financial year shall be from the 1st of September to August 31 of the following year. (Changed at the 2017 AGM)

The Treasurer shall prepare the financial statements for the annual filings, and the AGM.

Only the Treasurer or the President may make a financial commitment on behalf of the Society.


The books of accounts shall be made available to any member upon request. The books shall include an up to date inventory of Society equipment in stores, or on loan to members.

Accounts will be set up as one Society account and each individual sub group accounts. To limit banking fees, only one bank account will be opened for the Society. The sub group accounts will be tracked by the Treasurer.

Expense Reimbursement

From time to time, the Society may request a member to purchase goods or services for the benefit of the Society. Upon request of the member, the cost of such expenditure shall be reimbursed by the Society. Members of the Society will be compensated for expenses only if the expenses have been pre-authorized, up to the limit specified at the time the expenses were authorized.

Generally, only the President, Quartermaster or Treasurer will make any purchases on behalf of the Society.

The Society may pre-authorize the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by members to events.

Generally, only the sub group leader, Quartermaster or Treasurer will make any purchases on behalf of the sub group.

Reimbursement for Mileage to performances

The ASPD shall reimburse members for mileage at a rate set at each AGM. The rate shall be per kilometer traveled (round trip distance) from Airdrie to any performance site outside of Airdrie city limits, as calculated by Google Maps. Members shall be encouraged to carpool where practical to minimize the expense for reimbursement.

Fund Raising

The goal of the Society is to raise the funds required to provide the sub groups the capital required to purchase the equipment necessary for their components to function. As well, the Society will attempt to raise funds to provide expense relief in travel costs for when sub groups travel to events.

Funds shall be raised through membership fees, donations, and special events.

Membership fees shall be set at the AGM.

  • The Society shall have a membership fee that applies to all members
  • Each sub group shall also have a membership fee that applies to all members of that sub group.
  • Membership fees shall have two components; The membership fee and a short term interest free loan.
    • The purpose of the short term loan is to provide liquidity for the Society/sub group until the next fundraiser.
    • If the fundraiser is not successful, the loan may be converted into the membership fee.

Membership fees become effective the date of the AGM. Members may make 3 payments as follows:

  • 50% within one month of the AGM
  • an additional 25% within two months of the AGM
  • the remaining 25% within three months of the AGM

All funds raised shall be used by the Society to further the goals and objectives. Funds shall not be spent without the express approval of the board of directors.

At the AGM, the Treasurer will present the fund raising schedule as well as an overview of the coming year’s budget. The budget shall include provisions for a fund per sub group under the direction/control of the sub group leader.

  • Each sub group leader shall consult the members of the sub group when setting the budget for the sub group as this will impact the membership fees and fundraising effort required.
  • The intent is that each sub-group is self sustaining. The sub-group may be granted a loan by the Society in cases approved by the Board of Directors and all other subgroup leaders at a Special Meeting.

Each Sub Group shall be responsible for raising a share of the Society expenses. Any fundraising done shall be applied to this debt to the Society before being used to fund the budget of the sub-group.

Example - Society needs to cover annual insurance.  If insurance is 800 and there is 2 subgroups, 
with 5 members each (people may end up counted twice within the society when belonging to multiple 
groups) then each "person" within the subgroup is allocated $80, so each subgroup needs to raise $400.

For any Society event that involves more than one sub group, the sub group leaders shall determine in advance how any net funds raised is divided between the sub groups.

Non Refundable Credits

For any fundraising activity (including acquiring sponsors and donations), the participating members may be granted a non refundable credit (depending on the charter of their sub-group) that may be applied against fees, dues, expenses etc incurred through participation in Society activities such as Burns Night, band trips, etc.

The credits shall be calculated as follows:

  1. The funds raised shall be divided as specified by the sub-group charter. (e.g. One half goes straight to the society/sub group.)
  2. The split for NRC shall be divided by the number of participants, with the resulting number applied to each participants credit account.
  • The amount that a member may receive in a given year (AGM to AGM) shall be capped at twice that year’s total fees for that member. This is to encourage on-going participation in fundraisers in future years. (If a member’s portion of a large fundraiser like a casino was large, without the cap they may have all fees and costs covered for many years, and therefore not have the incentive to assist at future events)

Letters of thanks shall be sent to all Donor’s acknowledging their donation.

Tax Receipts, if applicable, may/shall also be issued for all donations and shall include business number XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Depending on the sub-groups charter, donations directly or indirectly raised by a member may result in Non Refundable Credits.

Settling Account Receivables from members

Where a member has Non Refundable Credits (NRC) as well as Expense reimbursements owed and a new recoverable expense (e.g. Membership Dues) is generated, the accounts shall be balanced by:

  • Paying towards the AR using the member’s NRCs
  • Paying towards any remaining AR using any AP amounts owed the member.
  • Collecting any outstanding AR from the member through cash or cheque.


The Society shall also encourage sponsorship, of either the Society as a whole, or of each component. If a component receives sponsorship, then the money received must go towards that components operating expenses and capital expenses. If there is an excess, than the extra shall be held for use in future years.

Society Funds

Society funds shall be kept in an interest bearing chequeing account. The account shall require 2 signatures to authorize the cheque – the Treasurer and another Director. The Society Directors shall all be authorized signatories of the account.

The Society shall pay all expenses by cheque.


The Society budget shall include, but not limited to, the following items:

  • Sub group general maintenance fund (under the control of the group leaders)
  • Website hosting, Domain name registration
  • Advertising
  • Administrative costs, such as permits, registrations, etc.
  • Fund raising costs
  • Insurance
  • Capital Purchases
  • Facility rentals