Airdrie Gaelic Society Constitution

Airdrie Gaelic Society Constitution

Adopted 17 Aug 2014
Approved 17 Aug 2014
Amended 23 Nov 2014 at AGM. 
Amended 18 Sep 2015 for Mileage reimbursement based upon meeting on 20150607 in which all but 1 member in good standing was present.
MOVED 8 June 2016 from Kevin's hosting to ASPD hosting.
Amended and updated Sept 11 2017 to document the changes approved at the previous AGM
*Members leaving and the handling of their AP/AR/NRC
*Sub groups and their financials
Amended Oct 1 2018 post AGM to remove statement about Insurance.  Adjust Mileage Reimbursement
Copied from our WIKI into our WordPress site 21 Sep 2020.
Alterations to the constitution/by-laws from the 2019 AGM also made (insurance, mileage).

The Airdrie Gaelic Society is formed as of 1 Sep 2014.

We, the representatives hereby resolve to constitute a not-for-profit organization that is devoted to the preserving, promoting and perpetuating Gaelic Culture and Arts in the Airdrie Alberta area.


Herein Band, The Band, or ASPD shall be used to represent the Airdrie Scots Pipe and Drums.

Herein Society, The Society or AGS shall be used to represent the Airdrie Gaelic Society.

A Quorum shall be defined as 2/3 of all members registered in either the Society or Band, as applicable, at the time of a vote.

The Society shall be named “Airdrie Gaelic Society” until such time as a quorum of the Society changes the name.

The logo of the Society shall be File:AGS Logo.jpg until such time as a quorum of the Society changes the logo.


The Objective of The Society shall be the promotion, encouragement, preserving and perpetuating of Celtic Arts.


The Society shall raise and administrate funds as a non profit organization in order to financially support the Band and other sub groups that join the Society.

The Society may provide guidance and assistance to members wishing to further their skills and knowledge relevant to Society sub groups through education and training.


Each sub group shall retain the right to set membership criteria within their sub group.

To join the sub group, each applicant must meet the criteria specified for that sub group. In addition, the sub group leader and/or the sub groups membership must approve the acceptance of the applicant.

Each applicant must sign the Membership Contract applicable for that sub group. Each applicant must also sign one copy of the Society Membership Contract.

A member may leave the sub-group and/or society by providing in written form (email accepted) that they are surrendering their membership.

  1. Any Non-Refundable Credits the member has accrued shall be returned to the Society upon ceasing to be a member.
  2. Any monies owed to the society or sub-group will be due immediately upon submitting their resignation.
  3. Any monies owed by the Society or sub-group shall be reimbursed at the next regularly scheduled meeting of that sub-group. If the (former) member does not attend to claim the reimbursement nor arrange a different date and time, the monies shall be considered a gift to the Society.

Regular Member

To be a regular member of the Society, the individual must belong to one of the supported sub groups.

Junior Member

If the regular member has not reached the age of Majority, they must have a parent/guardian as a regular member or associated member to represent and vote on their behalf.  For all other intents and purposes, the Junior Member is a regular member.

Associated Member

An Associated Member is someone who does not belong to one of the supported sub groups of the Society, but contributes to the goals of the Society.

Management of the Society and Associated Sub Groups

All members, regular and associated, shall be allowed to vote for the Executive Committee directors(President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Quartermaster)

All members, regular and associated, shall be eligible to fill positions on the Executive Committee (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Quartermaster)

The sub group leaders shall automatically hold a seat on the Society Executive.  This seat is separate from the director positions.

For votes at the Annual General Meeting, the group leaders shall represent their members when voting. Each sub group gets 1 vote towards each issue. The group leaders shall hold a vote of their members and shall vote how the quorum of the sub group voted.

For a regular member who hasn’t reached the age of Majority, their parent/guardian shall act as their proxy for voting.

The Society shall be managed by the Directors and other appointments, as specified in the by-laws document.

All sub groups shall be managed by the sub group leaders and other appointments, as specified in their own Roles and Responsibilities document.

Sub Groups

Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums

The Parade Band shall be managed by the Pipe Major and other appointments, as specified in the ASPD Roles and Responsibilities document.

The Performance Band shall be managed by the Pipe Major and other appointments, as specified in the ASPD Roles and Responsibilities document.

We treat the parade and performance bands as the same entity for most purposes.

The Bagpipe Rock band shall be managed by the Band Manager as specified in the ASBR Roles and Responsibilities document.

The Guard
Dance Troupe


This constitution, related by-laws and other related documents shall be made available to any person considering joining the Society prior to their application being accepted.

Dissolution of the Society

The Society may be dissolved if 3/4 of the membership vote to do so.

The assets of the Society shall be disposed of as required by law.

  • Liquid assets shall be used to retire any debt.
  • Equipment shall be sold or donated (if there is no debt needing to be retired)
  • Any net assets remaining shall be donated to a charity selected by a quorum of the membership.

Society By-Laws