2022 AGM Agenda

Agenda for AGM 2022


  1. The minutes from the previous AGM shall be reviewed and approved.
    AGM Minutes 2021

Treasurer Report

2022 AGM Treasurer Report

Secretary Report

2022 AGM Secretary Report


2022 AGM Quartermaster Report

Presidents Business

Society status

No one has investigated further costs/requirements for being registered appropriately for gaming licenses.


Do we need Liability Insurance?

  • Odds of injury during practice, parade or performance is LOW for the cost of the coverage.  Especially with our limited performances.
  • Insurance doesn’t cover instruments. Cost of instruments was basically $1/year for every $1 covered so self insurance is the way to go.
  • Banff/Canmore both required General Liability for us to perform.  Other parades have not said anyting
    • Government events (e.g. AirdrieFest) seem to be consistently requiring insurance.
  • To rent a government facility (Genesys Place, T&C) we would need it.
  • For the year, it is around $1000.  But that wouldn’t cover Burns (Alcohol).

Robbie Burns

As always it is almost time to start planning for Robbie Burns.  This year could be particularly challenging with COVID restrictions.

2023 Robbie Burns Planning

Pipe Major


Reminder for members to commit to attend practices.


Re-affirm the goals of the band (ASPD) for 2022-2023

Parade Band (ASPD)
  • Continue to build our standard set of parade tunes
  • Recruit to 6-9 pipers, 2+ snare, 1 bass, 1+ tenor
Performance Band
  • Continue to build our list of performance tunes (Medleys).
Competition Band
  • We don’t have enough players to enter as a competition band. As well, we don’t currently have anyone aspiring to a competition band.
Bagpipe Rock
  • When stood up will be created as a separate sub-group with its own charter, norms, etc.
Everyone’s personal goals
  • musical growth?
  • travel?
  • social? (Is there a way to further include family too?)



  • Recruit for the band
  • Building a Guard
    • Recruit to 2+ banner bearers
    • Need to consider things such as Uniform, Dues, NRC, etc
    • Proposal to change Society membership to cover uniform parts 1st year
  • Entice Highland Dance sub-group
    • Kevin spoke with a dance mom and she was receptive.
  • Paula’s Dancers – appeal?


The need for fundraising?

  • What future budget items?

(we need everyone’s buy-in)

Possible fundraising activities

  • bingos
  • casinos
  • spolumbos
  • mom’s Kitchen
  • fundscrip
  • Host Events
    • Burns
    • BBQs
    • Tea’s
    • Scotch Tasting
    • Tartan Day
    • St Andrews Day
    • St Patty’s Day
  • sponsorship
    • Legion
    • Service Groups
    • Churches
    • Molson?
    • Atco?
    • Propak
    • Cam Clark Ford
    • Trans Canada Pipelines
    • Other local businesses

Election of Directors

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Quartermaster
  • Director at Large