2023 AGM Treasurer Report


AGS 2022-23 BS

AGS 2022-23 PL


Proposal: Retain the rates from last year.

  • 10/society renewal (same)
  • 180/band. (same)
  • 1st year society 90 (increased cost for Jacket, Shirt, Badge, Cap)



    • We had a poor year for parade revenue.
    • We have an expense of $390/year for storage
    • We have an expense of $50/year for Domain Name
    • We usually have an expense of $100/year for Web Hosting (0 for this past next year).
    • We had an expense of $24USD/year for phone line.
    • We have an expense of $3/month bank fees

We let the phone line lapse.  We took 1-2 calls a year on it.  The provider switched to only accepting Bitcoin for payment, and didn’t provide an easy path to purchase said bitcoin.

Mileage Rates

As specified in the Constitution, we must set the Mileage reimbursement rates for the year.

  • Last year we set the rate to 26c/km when gas was under $1.40.
  • Gas has been around $1.50.
  • Do we leave the mileage at 26c/km or do we adjust the mileage rate to be 30c/km.