2023 AGM Quartermaster Report


With Dan leaving the band, storage has moved to Kevin’s garage.

We have a number of old harnesses that are in rough shape. Reasons to not dispose of:

  • New harnesses may not fit all people. The newer ones do not comfortable fit Kevin. Older ones are better from that aspect.
  • May be able to disassemble and rebuilt a couple good ones from parts.

A Snare Drum Harness has disappeared.  It was last seen in Dan’s storage unit, but he had moved units 3x after that.  It may have also been at his employer’s warehouse where we were holding practices.  RECOMMENDATION: Write it off.



All Pipe and Drum banners have been issued.  Kim was having difficulty sourcing matching fabric.

Stand up banners are in Kevin’s Garage.


All 3 Printed heads has arrived. Only 1 has been installed so far.


  • Until such time as a sponsor requires that we wear matching kilts and buys them for us, each person  will remain responsible for their own kilt and therefore their own tartan!
  • Common items should be paid for by band/society resources.

AGS Uniform:

  1. Embroidered jacket (Once)
  2. Embroidered shirt (One every 5 years)
  3. Cap Badge (Once)
  4. Ball Cap? (Once?)

Band Uniform:

  1. AGS uniform parts, plus
  2. A pair of hose (One every 5 years)
  3. Matching Sporrans
  4. Matching Belt Buckles (not yet in place)
  5. Banners for pipers / drums.

Band members can spend excess NRCs on band related items e.g. uniform parts or instrument supplies through the FHS.

Issued Items Recovery

  • Need to followup with members who have left the band or stepped back to recover issued items.
    • Tye has drone reeds, sporran
    • Dan has the RacNRoll as well as a sporran
    • Caira has a sporran

Lost / Stolen Items policy

Items are issued on a temporary loan basis.

Recently we have been using a sales invoice (with replacement cost listed) as the temp issue slip. (Not 100% happy with this as it creates Revenue and Expenses in the book.  Alternative is to create “business locations” for each member and transfer the inventory but that is more bookkeeping work.